Part Marking and Rotary Engraving

Rotary Engraving of Parts, Die inserts, and Mold Components

Using high RPM rotary spindles (60,000 rpm max.) and custom ground carbide engraving end mills, for finished part marking engraving custom logo artwork and identification information. We have the ability to engrave directly into customer provided steel (or alloy), wood, plastic, among other materials. Engraving per supplied print or CAD files, including .dxf, .dwg, .igs, .x_t, and .stp, .sldprt, and other 3D type files.

We have the capability to handle larger production run projects, to small prototyping work. From engraving high polished mold cavities and inserts to branding finished parts. We also offer deep engraving into wood and plastic materials.

In addition to offering engraving directly from customer provided vector art files (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .dxf) we also offer image file (.jpg, .png, etc.) digitizing to vector.

  • 60,000 rpm spindle speed
  • Hardened steel tooling to finished parts
  • 4x dedicated 3-axis CNC engraving machines (40-60k rpm)
  • 3x dedicated manual pantograph engraving machines (24k rpm)
  • Engraving directly from customer CAD
  • OEM engraving
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