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Brenner Industries, Inc. offers a wide range of service and products to the metal stamping industry, as well as tools to stamp concrete, plastic, wood, leather, and other materials. Our customers include  stamping firms to small start up companies looking to brand their products. We have the capabilities to produce precision 3 dimensional embossing and forming tools for major manufacturers to small personalized hand held steel stamps.

Embossing and Forming Tools: We have the ability to work directly off of customer supplied 3D CAD files (.igs, .step, .x_t, and others) to recreate virtual geometry directly into steel. Depending on the application and the condition of the steel, we can either directly CNC machine and engrave, or create electrodes to EDM sink the 3D detail into male and female halves. We’ve worked on projects in this field for major automotive manufactures such as Dodge, Fiat, Ford Motor Company, Jeep, and Peugeot.

Brenner Engraving Engraved Steel Embossing Die Set Dodge Ram logo branding identification Stamping


Die Insert Steel Stamps: Brenner Industries, Inc. offers CNC rotary and EDM engraving on customer provided inserts (or can construct complete per provided prints) for the metal stamping industry. We can work with customer supplied vector art files (.ai, .eps, .pdf, . dxf, and others) as well as digitize and create vector artwork off of customer image files (.jpeg and .png). Our projects include large stamping die blocks for stamping aluminum carpenter squares, automotive part identification stamps, cookware company hallmarking stamps, firearm manufacturer stamps, among many others.



Steel Hand Stamps: Custom logo or part number identification steel hand stamps for marking metal. Like the service we offer on stamping die inserts, we can work directly off of your custom logo vector art file (.ai, .eps, .pdf, . dxf, and others). We also offer logo digitizing, turning your logo image file (.jpeg or .png) and create machinable vector geometry. Standard hardened A-2 (ideal metal stamping tool steel) in square sizes 1/4″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ by 4″ in length. Perfect for key makers, jewelers, and small manufacturers such as Etsy store owners.

  • You will find Steel Hand Stamps available for purchase HERE.

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Contractor Concrete Identification Stamps: Brenner Industries, Inc. is the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works recommended supplier of contractor concrete identification stamps. We supply dozens of major contractors in the south-east Wisconsin area, along with construction companies all over the country. Our stamps feature interchangeable city and year inserts, with a custom, personalized contractor identification nameplate. Constructed from a unique urethane material for superior release and clean up. Specifically designed to meet U.S. DOT and DPW requirements.

  • You will find Contractor Concrete Identification Stamps available for purchase HERE.

Custom Engraved Personalized Contractor Concrete Stamp Marking City Year Nameplate Curing Concrete Milwaukee West Allis Madison Kenosha Waukesha Wauwatosa United States Department of Transportation Standard Wisconsin Appleton Green Bay Construction ASTM

Embossing Hot Stamps for Stamping Leather and Wood: Like the services we provide on Die Inserts for the Metal Stamping Industry, we are able to construct complete brass (or desired material) hot stamping blocks, or engrave directly on customer supplied tooling. We can engrave directly off of vector art files (.ai, .eps, .pdf, . dxf, and others) or can digitize and create vector artwork off of customer image files (.jpeg and .png). We’ve provided custom logo hot stamps for glass vial manufacturers, saddlery and Equestrian, leather golf club grip manufacturers, among many others.