Steel Marking Stamps

Die Inserts for Metal Stamping

We offer custom logo, part number, instructional, and identification steel marking stamps and die inserts for the metal stamping industry. We can create complete stamps out of a variety of hardened tool steels (i.e. A2, D2, O1, S7, DC53) or CPM / PM (i.e. CPM 10 V, M4), per customer print or CAD file. Our projects include large stamping die blocks for stamping aluminum carpenter squares, automotive part identification stamps, cookware company hallmarking stamps, firearm manufacturer stamps, among many others.

  • High quality graphite and copper electrodes
  • 60,000 rpm spindle speed for fine detail
  • 4x EDM sinker machines
  • Custom cutter grinding for a variety of applications
  • Fine surface finishing for high quality impressions
  • Can engrave directly off of customer CAD

Steel Stamp Gallery: